Natural soy wax candle with Sandalwood scent

Natural soy wax candle with Sandalwood scent

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Natural soy wax candle with sandalwood essential oil.

Sandalwood has long been considered a strong aphrodisiac. The oil is obtained from the bark and roots of the tree. As an effective means, it is used to restore interest in making love to people who have lost it. Sandalwood oil has a calming effect - it reduces the feeling of anxiety, as well as unleashes sensitivity and openness to each other.

It helps and encourages us if we want to start something new and succeed, helping to instil confidence in each of our cells, rinsing the "old" energy from us and helping to transform and regenerate. Antidepressant, soothing, reduces anxiety and anxiety, tones the nervous system, opens the heart to joy. Invigorating.

Size ⌀ 8x6 cm, weight 0.25 kg, burning time ~ 35h.

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